TW Hoa Licensing

We specialize in Southeast Asia media licenses, sublicenses, patents, and paralegal.

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What We Do

We Acquire Media Licenses, So You Don't Have To

Media licenses cost time and money for content owner outreach and rights upkeep. As a business you are busy enough focusing on building your product and brand. We help by specializing in the rights acquisition process of any media you may need, so you don't have to. Sublicenses include:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Anime & Hentai
  • Manga, Doujin, Manhwa
  • Assorted Digital Art
  • Merchandise
  • Copyrighting
Business Solutions

Creators & owners working with us earn extra revenue.

Owners & Creators

Content creators looking to earn guaranteed extra revenue work with us by providing their non-exclusive inventory, in bulk or individually.

TW Hoa Licensing

We work with owners and content creators by buying their license to sublicense, lease, resell or redistribute. We are incentivized to seek out mature distribution platforms to sell media rights.


By working with us and our sublicenses, publishers with mature distribution platforms can sell, distribute or stream any copyrighted media. Money saved by focusing on your platform. Money earned from revenue of distributed copyrighted media. Everyone is paid and happy!

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